I win…..

September 25, 2009

ok so the check came in the mail today for my state fair cd design entry

and i previously thought i was getting $50

well i guess that was just for first place, and i actually won $200!!!!!

yah thats 5 exclamation points there :O

so im pretty stoked


State Fair

September 7, 2009

hey everybody,

im honored to say that i’ve won first prize and outstanding for my cd cover design in the california state fair as well as 50 bucks 😀

i made this cd cover design as a project in my graphic design class at cabrillo high school as a freshman last year

you can find my design as well as any future additions to my portfolio here at the cabrillo design lab website:


be sure to check out the rest of the website as well 😀

valley of crows

New Puppet for SkippyShorts

March 21, 2009

check him out

check out skippyshorts at:

Meet Toast and Wallace

January 18, 2009

Wallace (left) is a yeti from the layahimas. i built him using the punto pattern from www.projectpuppet.com

Toast (right) was my first puppet i built. He was actually a characture puppet of myself. He as well was made from the punto pattern.

these are just some of my puppet characters ive built, and theres more on the way!

Bread N’ Butter Productions

June 25, 2008
Hello, this is where i will be posting all of my puppety goodness. whether it be puppet news, projects, tutorials, etc…  i have been building foam muppet styled puppets for about a year and a half now, i started building them when i was about 13 and now have 2 puppets complete, and many on the way ill be trying to keep you updated here.